Livy Huang

Untold Truth: Me, You and Us

Bachelor of Design Experience Design Human Centred Design Identity Illustration Publication Storytelling

UNTOLD TRUTH: Me, You and Us

In this digital publication, one narration will be split into four chapters, where each chapter represents a segment from the Johari Window (hidden, open, unknown, and blind area). Through telling my personal story, I am encouraging the target audience to see that there are many sides to every story: your side, my side, and the 'truth'. Not only does this allow the reader to reciprocate the weights of each perspective, but it allows them to start thinking differently about themselves in the form of self-reflection.

We often wonder what others may think of us. In particular, we care about the opinions, perspectives, and thoughts of our inner circle — such as our parents, partner, best friends, and employer. The concept of self-reflection and introspection to improve self-awareness is an important practice to help us value our own thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions better. It can also give us a better appreciation of our relationships, and to see things from a new, often different perspective. To achieve this, we can start critically reflecting on ourselves, and be open to having a discussion with our loved ones.