Stella Wilson


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How to be a versatile graphic designer and creator

Versatile is a publication on the theme of sustainability within graphic design. I have a passion for the wellbeing of the earth. I chose to research about designing sustainably and created the publication as a helpful resource to encourage other designers wanting to create positive change and reduce environmental degradation. The book is an informative guide to how they can achieve this.

As I move into a career creating and designing, I want to have sustainable practice at the heart of it all. What can graphic designers do to be more sustainable and versatile with the physical outputs of their design projects? I created three artefacts, a package, bound book and a ceramic vessel, each produced with my best attempt at making it sustainable. Throughout the development of Versatile I used compostable ink, FSC Certified paper and a small selection of recycled, handmade paper. Topics in the publication include: Paper, Printing Inks and packaging. Versatile is a handy book to have at the designer’s desk, made to easily flick to the page needed.