Madison Hemara


Bachelor of Visual Arts Printmaking Sculpture

Villus, (plural; villi) are the small, finger-like projections/folds that line inside the small intestine, which increase the surface are in order to improve food absorption

I have always had a fascination with the body in a biological sort of sense. I’m interested in our organs, our cells, our flesh. We are an amalgamation of parts that make us work as an organism. Because of this interest and fascination, I explore the body as a biological mechanism in my artworks.

It was from my research and previous years work that I developed an interest in the idea of the “fold.” Folds are commonplace in our body and are found in the wrinkles and creases of our skin: they are in our DNA and our brains.

I am someone who works heavily in craft making, and a fold is something I often employ to make. Folds also acts as a method of manipulation, sculpting and most importantly they are the repetition of an action to manipulate a chosen material into a desired outcome.

By exploring the fold, I am also exploring the nature of self, and perhaps gaining a new understanding of myself as an organism. We are creatures of habit, ones that find ourselves in constant repetitive movement—an example being breathing.

By combining this interest and my love of craft based work, my artworks aim to convey an appreciation and acceptance of what makes us, us.