Soumya Toora


Bachelor of Design App Interaction Mobile Prototype Social Innovation User-centred

Current pandemic world, people can easily experience isolation in the community. The project brief pushed me to look at my surroundings and how volunteering can play a positive role. My design response was to build a simple system where volunteers and volunteer organisers could use one app to collaborate efficiently.

I started my research with field observations of volunteering myself. I experienced the volunteering collaboration to be lagging. I interviewed nine young adults with busy lives and gained insights into their experiences, expectations, and thought processes.

The app matches users effectively and efficiently depending on their preferences and skills with ID-proofed profile security. Social features like chat & people to share or collab and expand their network. Furthermore, features like Alert and calendar to keep track and manage work-life balance.

I used techniques like user tests and card sorting from low to mid to high fidelity prototypes. Doing that gave me the knowledge to develop a user-friendly interface design with brighter colours and text sizes to show hierarchy. Adding serVe app icon and two subtabs "Be a volunteer" or "Ask for a volunteer" on all pages so users can easily switch between volunteer and organiser accounts.

My app sets itself apart with the main feature of switching accounts with a single click as it was well-received by all serVe users. It will also work well in this social distancing world, keeping people in touch and helping each other. The app does mundane paperwork connecting people, especially with possible future features like covid vaccine certification, keeping everyone safe, and building better communities together.