Jingchun Wu

Welcome Daily Pack for Quarantines

Bachelor of Design Packaging Health and wellbeing

For A Better Isolating Experience

My project was inspired by personal quarantine experiences during Coronavirus, where I found the importance of providing mental wellbeing supports have been underestimated. The intention was to create a welcome package for managing facilities based on prioritizing the emotional experience of isolating individuals. Rather than providing a long list of supportive resources as a common method, I believed it is more effective and crucial to pay attention to improving their daily experiences within the upcoming weeks. The final design, represents my strong willingness to contribute to society, through the carefully considered delivering of daily messages that could take care in both physical and mental wellness for isolated travellers.

Global awareness of mental wellness issues have been raised  during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Lockdowns of citizens have been necessary worldwide, where people are confined to their homes, with limited mobility and physical distancing. For those who have travelled internationally managed isolation and quarantine has become a complex part of the journey planning and experience.

Being one of the travellers who passed through self-isolation several times, I realized the importance of prioritizing mental wellness and how it could help make a difference. My experience drove my interest in exploring people's mental reactions when facing isolation, quarantines, and more importantly, as a designer, thinking about how to support and move people in a positive way.

In this creative project, I developed a customizable packaging system that could be used worldwide, and it is designed for individuals who are currently in required isolation. It provides fourteen packs of daily chocolates, health instructions, and mindfulness practices that were originally conceived by Professor Nicole Unice.