Francesco Antonio Montero

What Draws Me In

Bachelor of Design 2D animation Character Animation Environmental Storytelling Game Design Indie Game Platformer Unity Engine Autobiographic LGBTQI Queer
AD21 Award
Digital Design Award
For outstanding achievement in Theory

a story about a creator and his creation

What Draws Me In is a 2D platformer about an artist who wakes up to find himself trapped within his own sketchbook. Befriending one of the characters he had drawn, the two journey together to find a way to escape as they confront and question their place in the world.

A narrative game with a focus on the struggle of self-identity, in particular queer identity, this story can be experienced from the link above.

This little game of mine was created from my desire to add a little more colour into the biggest canvas that is our imagination. As a tabletop-roleplaying enthusiast with a keen interest in creating and playing characters, I wanted to create a little story about the way we use works of art - animations, films, games, and so on - to express who we are without the prejudice of the real world.

As someone under the LGBTQI umbrella, I also wanted to create and share a story inspired by my own experiences in the bumpy journey of learning to be comfortable with who I am, in the hopes of giving a simple message to those that need to hear it - be proud of who you are. Only you get to decide who you are, no one else.

What Draws Me In is a project with a focus on its narrative. That being said, because this is a solo project, it meant I was simultaneously the game designer, writer, artist, animator and programmer - while it was a very difficult job for me to do, in the end it has allowed me to improve and be more confident in my skills as a 2D game developer. Furthermore, with my background in digital art, I envisioned the visual aesthetic to be like a painting in your own sketchbook that has come to life, where the barrier between the Creator and the Created can be broken.

Inspirations include myself, the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop-RPG, Celeste (2018), GRIS (2018) and Sacramento (2017).