Jasmine Louie

Where are the Chinese Graphic Designers?

Bachelor of Design Identity Illustration Packaging Diversity Place




An organisation aimed to celebrate, acknowledge and connect Chinese Graphic Designers in Aotearoa.

‘What is Chinese Graphic Design in Aotearoa and what does it look like?’ A question that was asked to me when I was first approaching this design project. ‘Where are the Chinese graphic designers?’ was created with the aim of creating a space where Chinese graphic designers could connect and share their stories and designs with emerging Chinese graphic designers and anyone else interested in graphic design. As a young Chinese creative I consider graphic design an outlet for me to create work that inspires and uplift others which is why I chose to explore a topic that involves both my culture and degree.

‘Where are the Chinese Graphic Designers?’ is an organisation that aims to collectively connect emerging and established Chinese graphic designers in Aotearoa while breaking down existing stereotypes around creative pathways in Chinese culture. WATCGD is a safe space where Chinese graphic designers are able to share their work, learn more about the design industry and have their questions answered by fellow Chinese creatives.

I interviewed nine Chinese creatives who were all on different stages in their design journey. These interviews were an exploration into the design industry through the experiences of Chinese graphic designers and how they overcame the cultural stigmas surrounding creative pathways such as graphic design. These interviews allowed me to learn more about the graphic design industry and the different pathways that graphic design can lead into. I made a website to showcase these interviews as well as a set of eight posters that included advice from the Chinese creatives. In Chinese culture, 8 八 (bā) sounds similar to 发 (fā) which has connotations to success and prosperity when paired with other Chinese characters. Being able to create a project that explored my culture through graphic design made me realise how important representation is in the creative industry.