Sarah Takeuchi

Women of Courage

Bachelor of Design Illustration Interaction Diversity User-centred

Recognising the courageous women of colour in history.

Women of Courage is a children’s card game which specifically focuses on women of colour from recent history who have challenged conventions pertaining to either gender or race, or both. This game is especially targeted towards children from minority groups who may lack a sense of belonging or self-confidence due to their gender or race.

Through the stories of inspiring women from A-Z, this game aims to educate and empower, allowing children to discover role models which they can be inspired by and aspire to be like as they grow up. The conception of this project also lies in the hope to raise the visibility of these influential women of colour who are often overlooked and under-acknowledged.

For this project, I chose 26 women from various backgrounds and different areas of interest to illustrate, considering the idea of diversity. Children may share a sense of relatability with these women who may have faced similar obstacles as them, invoking a sense of resonation and connection.

Inspired by a Japanese card game called Karuta, this is essentially a matching memory game, a common method of play for children’s learning. By incorporating an element of interactivity and fun, I thought this could be effective. Playfulness is an important aspect that encapsulates the overall feel of this project, bringing in a sense of approachability and positivity.