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Boredom Buster Activity Cards

Childhood feels like a time of magic, imagination, and creativity, where beds are boats that are made to sail the seven seas, a towel is a cape of invincibility, and cushions ripped from the couch are the walls of an impenetrable castle.

"Wonder Activity Cards" provide children and parents with a chance to re-establish the special bond that has been lost with the rise of digital technology. These cards create an opportunity for children and parents to explore their inner creativity.

These activity cards are beneficial to have around the house or within a classroom environment and create a chance for children and parents to become less reliant on devices for entertainment.

It’s not surprising that parents from around the world may be hearing “I’m bored”, “there’s nothing to do” or “I don’t want to do that” a lot more than before. Due to recent lock-downs worldwide, parents and children alike have become somewhat reliant on digital devices for entertainment. This trend drives young children and parents to become dependent on these devices to keep them occupied.

My intention with this project is to allow parents and children to create a valued relationship without the need for devices. I aim to help children explore their creative side through a range of diverse educational activities, allowing them to get off their digital screens and learn something new by engaging in person and having fun.

Kids are naturally curious. With the rise in use of digital devices in everyday situations, children and parents need to balance family time with screen time. These activity cards are an opportunity to get involved, have fun and most importantly learn something new.