Shane Huang

Wondering by Wandering

Bachelor of Design Photography Publication

Reconnecting with my environs and seeking new perspectives.

When the outside world stops making sense, I looked within to find a way— to be able to express myself and navigate my own feelings. Taking photos and wandering around the quiet empty city kept me sane and focussed during the longest COVID-19 lockdown in Auckland.

During the longest COVID lockdown in New Zealand, I wandered through the empty streets of Auckland to find a way to express myself and make sense of my feelings of isolation.

By using the concept of the Flaneur, I explored the urban Auckland neighbourhoods to present a new perspective of the empty streets. Urban drifting became a new method of working to appreciate my surroundings, absorb it without any expectations.

While observing quiet moments and walking through the streets, I took advantage of photography’s power to deal with these stressful and depressing mundane hours and days, and sought intrigue by framing skewed views and take photographic subjects into another dimension and also escape a new COVID reality.