Vaialofa McNeill Temese


Bachelor of Visual Arts Painting Feminism Identity Sovereignty Vā Moana / Pacific Spaces

Protectors of Space and Spirit.

This Project represents my energy and spirit in colour. The portraits of my Kaitiaki in divine space are made to be absorbed and resonated with, giving you love and protection over your energy.

My Name is Vaialofailelagi Alice Tu’u McNeill Temese, I am an afakasi born in Singapore and raised in Aotearoa, Tamaki Makaurau. I am an artist that views making as a meditative and healing experience, celebrating the divine body and reconnection to culture. Using oil pastel and paint, I embody my energy and spirit into bold and energetic portraits of kaitiaki with colours and patterns inspired by siapo, tivaevae, and ei lavalava. With these portraits, I acknowledge the connection to my ancestors and spirit guides and create what I envision them to be. Like a portal into the spirit’s world, their luscious forms are surrounded by vibrant colours, flowers, and patterns of Polynesia. Intuition as my guide, I constantly reflect the va between myself and the energies surrounding the work. Trusting my intuition serves as an unspoken conversation between higher self and spirit being heard and results in a fluidity felt in heart. The process leaves me feeling liberated and clear, reminded of the power and love gained by expressing self.

Dripping with loving, spiritual, and healing energies; my works celebrate, nurture and radiate fluidity and confidence.