Emma French

20 in 2020

Bachelor of Design Moving Image Social Design Community engagement Narrative Storytelling

A short film about being 20 years old

‘20 in 2020’ is a short film which gives insight into the mind of a 20-year-old.  The film encourages young people to focus on their happiness, it creates meaningful discussions about finding your identity, being unsure of the future and social media’s fake reality. There is a growing expectation for young people to act a certain way, at 20, we are finding out who we truly are and our place in this world. The project contains unscripted interviews, with each person revealing their thoughts and feelings about being 20 years old.

As both a filmmaker and designer, I believe visual technology is an incredibly effective way to deliver a message to an audience and imperative to the success of a business. Engaging content is my specialty, whether that be graphic design, videography, photography or social media management/marketing. My future career aspirations are to inspire and create positive change through different design mediums, using my creative talents to solve problems.

Creating 'design for social good' was my approach to creating my final graduation project. As creatives, we have the opportunity to make meaningful and engaging work in which can have a real impact on peoples lives. The film 20 in 2020 investigates what life is like as a twenty-year-old in today’s uncertain world. The outcome is to bring comfort and unity to young people as they navigate their struggles which, although uncommonly talked about, do not belong to them only. A balance of advice, vulnerability and humour, the film normalises imperfection in young people and encourages self-love and fulfilment.

Mental health, especially in young people, is a wider issue that I wanted to help combat through my project. I made my approach indirectly, interviewing five 20-year-olds and hearing what they had to say on certain topics. The tone of voice is not telling young people what to do, but instead enlightening them with unscripted, authentic words. I hope the film gives relief to young people who are struggling, that they might find comfort knowing their anxieties are shared with many other young people.