Andy Hoang


Bachelor of Design Public Space Exhibition and event design Experience Design Film Digital fabrication


Light surrounds us. It often works in ways that can only be interpreted as unveiling, pulling back layers to reveal what is hidden underneath, bringing it to the surface. I propose new structures to be installed in the Fort Lane alleyway, with the intention of highlighting the gritty existing materiality and active surroundings. I hope in this way to create an immersive cinematic atmosphere that reveals hidden narratives.

My intention for this project was to create a spatial narrative. I drew particularly on my personal experiences at the site after-hours, intoxicated and overwhelmed. When I was looking into the long alleyway of Fort lane, deep into the night, I felt as if there was an unseen force pulling me on. The further I travelled, a pulsing sound began to grow louder and louder as if there was a giant heart in the centre of the space. As I pushed past this intense moment, the pulsing started to fade and I was became engulfed in darkness. I felt weak and motionless as if I had somehow been digested and broken down by the space. With nowhere left to go I began to feel as if it was my journeys end. Consumed by the space I fell to the ground.

To share this hallucinatory experience, I have developed the space as a kind of filmic scene. New structures exaggerate existing objects and aspects of the surrounding area. They take the form of veins and organs that span across the lane, evoking a surreal life. Taking cues from the existing red light installation, I used light to carve out space. Red light dominates the space creating a suspenseful and mysterious atmosphere that recalls the cinematography of horror films.