Ambrose Chu


Bachelor of Design Menswear Political Imperatives

Shoulder Experimentation

This collection is inspired by the protests held in Hong Kong during 2019. The aggressive and terrifying emotion displayed by the protestors is explored and expressed via the use of men’s tailoring, specifically through the use of an exaggerated, overbearing silhouette derived from shoulder experimentations. It is my hope that this body of work helps to raise Global awareness of the Hong Kong protests.

This project takes inspiration from the social activities happening in Hong Kong (need dates or timeline to give it context). In the past two years, Hong Kong have been through a drastic change, from an international renowned metropolis to a police state. This collection is a contemporary menswear line that explores human emotion through the silhouette of the garment. It is based on my personal experience, my observations of protest.

The Hong Kong protests have impacted me to the extent that I needed to find a way, beyond a purely functional garment for protestor, to fully express what I feel and think. This work is an expression of my interpretation of feelings of aggression, anger and the emotion expressed by the protester in Hong Kong.

Having never worked with tailoring before this project, I challenged myself and moved beyond my comfort zone by exploring both traditional tailoring techniques and researching avant-garde fashion. My hope is that the designed and made garments resonate with others and raise awareness to the injustices inflicted on my home town, Hong Kong.