Sunita Ly


Bachelor of Design Craft Packaging Typography

Experimental Typekit

As a multidisciplinary creative who specializes in graphic design, technical drawing, and painting, I have developed a passion for seeking new knowledge through the re-discovery of craft practices. My practice has produced a range of experimental work that explores the craft-led processes in both digital and physical mediums. Intrigued by the process of creating, ANATOMY is a project which explores the intersection between traditional methods of making and contemporary design

ANATOMY is an experimental stencil type kit that embodies the qualities of play and experimentation. A tool created to engage our disconnection with tactile mediums through the exploration and construction of letterforms. The stencil is based on geometric and modular forms and works alongside the gridded pad provided, allowing for endless experimentation.

My project focuses on the combination of type and creating a tactile experience, this is also reflected in my own exploration process of constructing the stencil design. The decision to create a stencil is aimed to evoke a sense of nostalgia for the creative adult, and reminisce the joy of creating without intent.

Analog methods of creation often oppose challenges when there are limitations to resources, and the inability to undo mistakes, unlike digital mediums. When there are restrictions on resources, designers become more critical thinkers and experimental with their choices. The idea of limitation also aims to challenge users on how they approach and use the tools. Whilst everyone is provided with the same resources, the outcome will always be different, and unique.

The design for the packaging was inspired by letterpress drawers and toolkits, the idea of interaction between the user and object through the motion of a tactile experience had a huge influence on the design. The use of the material was also determined by the name of the product ANATOMY, which reflected the idea of x-rays and the letterforms pieces being the skeleton of the body of work.