Alyssa Pilbrow


Bachelor of Design Womenswear Reflections of Self

reclamation of the feminine body

Boned is a reclamation of femininity in an environment where it is often sexualized and commodified.

Boned is:

Sexual not sexy,

Provocative but not pretentious,

Quality but not luxury,

Alien but approachable.

Reclamation of femininity in an environment where it is heavily commodified and corrupted.

Boned is a three-look collection which celebrates femininity and the body while not sexualizing it. An important aspect of Boned is that is created by somebody like me – a feminine person who is not looking at the female body as an object to be dressed and displayed, but as a vessel inhabited that can choose to actively wear and exist in a garment.

All the pieces are form-fitting however they are not necessarily sexy, and the multi-size aspect of the corsets mean many types of bodies can access and be celebrated in the looks.  While corsets are often seen as restricting, anti-feminist pieces, the collection intends to subvert these stereotypes.

The silk corsets are all hand-dyed, screen-printed, beaded and hand-finished.