Jeri Oporto


Bachelor of Design 3D animation Moving Image Photography Mixed Media Stylised Narrative

A short VFX film about an art student who self doubts his career choice when he realizes his friends are more successful than he is from his eyes. He goes through a mental battle and finds the reason for his passion for art.

Breathe is a live action short film that is a reflection to myself about self love. Exploring the functions of color theory and lighting forcing upon a certain feeling to the audience and physically symbolizing types of emotions with the use of CGI elements.

My project is about creating a 2min live action short film with integrated 3D assets and simulations, creating a nostalgic aesthetic with a narrative theme of self love. I will be exploring the basics of self love and researching different types of people’s journey’s and how they overcame it and somehow incorporating that into my narrative. During the process of my film I have explored color theory and lighting finding ways to enhance the narrative. What’s interesting about my work is that I wrote a narrative based on my own experiences and have incorporated CGI elements to physically show my emotions during those times. The main obstacle that I occurred was trying introduce self love in my film carefully. The theme is a touchy subject for me and other people I have to be mindful on how to convey my message on why it is important to be aware of it and how to accept it?