Flora Zhou


Bachelor of Design Web Social Design Prototype Activism

Empower her, Employ her, Support her

connectHER is a social network designed to promote collaboration and empowerment for females in film. By creating a singular platform, we are uniting all of the talented women and offering them the tools and structure for networking and employment. Paired with our carefully curated feed of fellow creatives, jobs, events and tags to follow, we are building the perfect opportunity to connect.

I am a dedicated graphic designer specialising in the field of UX and UI. I am very passionate about designing for social good and always work to advocate for issues that I believe in to help promote change. Stemming from a strong illustrative background, I pride myself in constantly staying ambitious and seeking opportunities to learn new skills and expand my expertise to the digital forefront, providing me with a well-rounded skillset and becoming a more informed designer.

Gender disparity has thrived in Hollywood for decades, with women being vastly under-represented and overlooked in the film industry both on screen and behind. My capstone project centred around exploring solutions to increase employment opportunities to create a more balanced representation of women in the industry.

Following extensive exploratory research, I concluded that networking within the industry is vital and many aspiring film creatives relied social media groups to gather information and news, however, the opportunity to grow community support is lost by the abundance of varying groups. Exposure is limited by constrained engagement and job opportunities are restricted to specific locations, resulting in uncoordinated attempts to increase support and collaboration. My goal was to combat this issue to ease the process of finding and securing employment.

connectHER is a community-based platform to help females in film find jobs and discover other creatives, building a community to uplift and inspire collaboration while also offering the tools and resources to help them move ahead in their career. Appealing with my user’s creative, visual minds, the profile showcases their talent and skills. Replacing all of the formalities with a visual representation of their style and personality, making it the perfect destination for employers and fans to check out. Our solution for job hunting removes all the hassle and stress that comes with searching for jobs. By answering a few key questions about their details and interests, we are able to streamline the process and automatically filter and select the perfect jobs for them. All helping to deliver a carefully tailored feed of suggested content, constantly offering new and inspiring work that hopefully facilitates in forming lasting connections with others.

Representation in film and tv is proven to have the power of defining a young person’s identity, ambition and values. What we see on screen is reflected back in the world we live in and the first step to seeing change is by including women in all aspects of production. It is vital to give everyone a voice and create diverse narratives that aren’t just depicted from a male lens.