Grace McFadden

Defending our own

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Defending our own, photography by Grace Mcfadden

In my work, I have a strong interest in incorporating mixed media into my designs, especially with illustration and photography. I love to explore different methods and techniques to enhance my illustration and photography to create a cohesive balance within the designs, as well as experimenting with inventive typography. I have found, through my knowledge and style of illustration and photography, that my design style presents as largely minimalist.

Before humans, Aotearoa New Zealand was covered by native flora and fauna. As time went on, more species such as rats, possums, stoats, and rabbits were introduced. Many of these introduced animals killed the local wildlife, leaving the country with decreasing numbers of native species. As some birds came close to extinction, New Zealanders became aware that they were slowly losing the wildlife that makes our country so unique. This is where the idea of predator-proof fences came in; to create completely pest free areas for native flora and fauna to thrive in an environment where they do not have to defend for their lives.

Defending Our Own is a photobook celebrating the flora and fauna that live behind these predator-proof fences, as well as exploring the historical impact of these fences in protecting our unique and special birds. Using the powerful medium of photography, this book takes you a journey through the harsh, confronting fences that outline these areas and into the beauty that lives within them.