Carin Xuan


Bachelor of Design 2D animation Character Animation Anime Abstract

Parody Music Video

My project is a 2D abstract animation, aimed to answer the following research question: Using shapes and colours in an anime style, how can the opposites – animation, and abstract art – be used in conjunction, while being expressed in a music video format?

This capstone project targets to experiment abstractness, and transitional techniques on a fast-paced 2D animated music video. My aim is to focus on abstractness – something that I have never attempted – however, this subject is considered as a complicated art form (due to its various portrayals), therefore, I resolved to using an existing story from a television series, ‘The Good Doctor’, as a base to further build on the idea.

I chose this drama as my main plot for my project because Shaun’s autism works well with my art theme (abstractness) and I am also able to express colour and shapes through his savant syndrome. Aside from the art, the ultimate message of this drama – being accepted for who you are – strikes out to me the most. Many of us try to blend into the world around us, eventually becoming a replica of the other. They start to lack in a unique personality and start to become someone who they themselves do not know. I cannot get myself to say that Shaun is ‘normal’ (I feel awful), but his autism makes him what he is today and there are people who accept him as who he is. He did not choose to be born autistic; therefore, he is unable to not be like so, and thus he is unable to change himself for the sake of others. Though starting out as lonely, throughout the series he is able to gain friends/co-workers who sees him as Shaun, an outstanding surgeon.

With this idea in mind, my focus directs more towards the art and style instead of the storyline (since the story already exists).

By this, I believe, simplicity is the best way to express the basic ‘plot’ of this video. Simplicity is a broad topic within abstract art and holds many possibilities. A red dot can symbolise a mere object but can also represent a nation.

While I would like to keep my project abstract, because my project relates to an existing television show, I would need to include references from the show itself. Through this, the abstractness becomes debateable due to the animation having clear understandable scenes. It was during this time when my lecturer addressed that it is not compulsory to base this project solely on your own creation. This is when I remembered a music video that I watched a few months ago, and eventually this became what my project is about.

An animated music video by the name of ‘Hungry Day’s’ is one of the key inspirations for my project. The use of colour and texture of this music video guided me to do what I intend to create for my project.