Grace Popplewell

Dogood Illustration Agency

Bachelor of Design Illustration Web Identity Speculative Prototype

Grace Popplewell is an illustrator and designer born and raised in New Zealand. From the moment she could hold a pencil, illustration has been a way for her to capture the beauty in her surroundings and unlock their imaginative potential.

Grace loves to explore a variety of different media and styles, from bold digital illustrations to intricate detailed pencil drawings. Her pieces are inspired by the endless possibilities that a blank canvas allows for, and she hopes that her work speaks of the enjoyment she has in creating it.

Illustrators are often discouraged from working in a wide variety of different styles, and taught to instead develop one strong visual identity so their work becomes recognisable and clients can predict the outcome of their commissions.

This project intends to highlight the viability of one illustrator who can successfully work across multiple styles, materials, media, subject matter and methods. It is a study of the possibility of an illustrator being a ‘jack of all trades’, which isn’t followed by ‘master of none’.

Dogood is an illustration agency that appears to represent five different emerging artists, but the work is all created by my hand. Each ‘different’ illustrator is distinguished by their own visual signature and concealed by a pseudonym. On the website, each artist has a profile with a biography and a selection of their best work in their own distinguishable styles, aesthetics, media, and subject matter, for both real and hypothetical commercial and editorial clients.

The name itself, 'Dogood', is derived from a pseudonym used by Benjamin Franklin to get his work published in the New-England Courant in 1772, after being denied over and over.