Brodee Scott Barlow


Bachelor of Design Shaders and Post-processing Narrative Environment Technology Utopia Science Fiction

AD20 Award
RocketWerkz Award
For outstanding achievement in Game Design


My project, titled Elysian is a semi open-world sci-fi adventure game, its research intent was to emulate the style of anime within a 3d space while providing a deep narrative experience. The game consists of a large open world space the player can explore, talk to alien robots, and find out what happened to your lost best friend.

Elysian is an ambitious student project which features an expansive, semi open-world environment littered with a handful of intractable characters. Elysian was built upon the exploration of both world and dialogue and allows the player to approach the overall goal any which way, as characters and questions change based on the decisions of the player.

Aesthetics are another important factor of Elysian, as I put a lot of time into shader creation, my overall intent was to emulate the art style of anime within a 3d space.

The anime-like style is placed alongside sci-fi styled assets and a natural, otherworldly setting, which I feel forms a unique visual identity for Elysian. The narrative that this project revolves around was heavily inspired by the works of Porter Robinson and his “Worlds” album (2014) while borrowing conventions and themes from Mamoru Oshii’s ‘Ghost in the Shell’ (1995).