Jirayu Chulacharit


Bachelor of Design 3D animation Character Animation Narrative Abstract

The Mind's Eye

I used 2D animation to express Hyperphantasia to my
advantage in my capstone project to invoke a sense of envision. I had to overcome one of
technical challenge with constraint parent and skin weight and making both characters
game-ready. I am indeed interested in learning this skills despite the fact that I do not have
enough much experience with constraint parent and skin weight.


This project uses 2D and 3D animation that identifies art and practice of computer
animation, specifically character animation. The inspiration came from one of my favourite
Japanese anime, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, its action scenes and effects are stunning.
Moreover, the storyline of this project inspired by the Japanese manga artist of ‘My Hero
Academia’, Kōhei Horikoshi. The story is about a superhero-loving boy without powers
named Izuku Midoriya that live in a world that superpowers are common and his dream is
to become a greatest hero named, ‘All Might’. When they accidentally meet, All Might see a
potential from Izuku Midoriya and helps him to enrol in a prestigious high school for heroes
training. His determination and bravery made him more confident and optimistic even
though he was being bullied by his friends. In this manner, my character is a speed skater,
he could not compete for quite a while because he got himself injured and felt miserable of

what happened. However, he did not give up and promise to himself that he will train
harder in order to win the competition and he did.
Another inspiration is from an online battle arena video game, ‘League of Legends’ that
became popular in 2009. I came across its game advertisement since it shows 2D animation
style and it certainly caught my attention. It is about introducing new characters and battle
skills and used 2D and 3D mixed visual style that I find fascinating and it makes it more
Inner thoughts or extreme imagination is also applied in this project.