Rebekah Howie


Bachelor of Design Illustration Publication Typography Print Narrative Storytelling

I am an illustrator and I like to design for posters, books, and packaging. My work can be defined by expressive typography, texture, and storytelling. I love to create work that will bring joy to myself and others.

Exodus was a personal project that explored uncharted areas of design. I wanted to delve into poster making to create a series of posters which can be viewed individually, but also as a collective. Each poster captures a significant piece of the story, and when viewed together the group shows the whole narrative of the story. The narrative which these posters explore is the story of Moses. It is a Biblical story, which is essentially a coming of age story in which Moses finds faith and his true family. It has plagues, burning bushes, and the parting of a sea which all gave great potential for interesting visuals.

Aesthetically, I explored the realm of psychedelic music posters from the 1960s. I used elements from this fascinating style of design, such as swirling colourful patterns and the bold, expressive type.

My project was to be made up of thirteen posters and a short booklet. Each poster used a simple illustration and phrase to display what is happening in each section of the story. The booklet exists to add context to the posters and give more explanation without overcrowding the design, to ensure that the posters stayed simple and effective.