Yosuke Tanaka


Bachelor of Design Illustration Photography Motion Moving Image Motion Graphics Collaborative Storytelling Urbanism


The music video, entitled Fluctuation, is about loneliness. A mixture of animation and live-action with still and dynamic movements, I used metamorphoses to associate two sequences by focusing on their similarity. The model, the streets and the flowers fluctuate their form and yet still hold the same names. My intention was to open the viewer's eyes to a different side of Auckland city, where people try to recover from boredom and reach for freedom.

The video explores a combination of live-action and animation with my piano playing. The original version had Lonely by Noah Cyrus, and the piano was made to overlap the song, and the version with the original song can be found here on Vimeo. The metamorphoses of the model and the landscapes show the possibilities of changes of shapes. I arranged the piano and played myself, and inserted animations to explore the idea of fluctuation through metamorphoses of the forms. The first object changes its form to the second object seamlessly and returns to the first.

In the process of editing the first half of the video accompanied with Lonely, I considered the video should be more than what I had recorded. Selected parts of the footage were rotoscoped frame by frame, twenty-five frames per seconds. White acrylic ink and acrylic gouache were used to create vivid colours on black paper. I drew inspiration from Airy Me, a music video directed by Yoko Kuno, a Tama Art University’s graphic design graduate.

Loneliness is a huge problem in a city like Auckland. Many people do not understand the disadvantages that minorities perceive. The model's dancing took place in the middle of Queen Street in Auckland, which must have been jaw-dropping and a bit bizarre to those passing by. The abnormality of action was to represent someone who had an ambition which not everyone would understand. This video is aimed to send a message to those who are marginal in the society. I intended to secure a place for minorities who were looking for space to express themselves.