Frank Cui


Bachelor of Design Indie Game Environmental Storytelling Puzzle Game Narrative

Game landscape

This project is mainly aimed at studying how to combine environment and game mechanics to tell a story to players.


Revival is a 2D horizontal platform immersive plot puzzle solving game and is accompanied by profound information and a huge story background. The project will try to achieve a deeper interaction between the character and the environment from the visual aspect and how to combine it with dialogue and game interaction elements to attract players to immerse themselves in the story of the game.

The Game is an imagination of what the world would be like without humans. In this game I want to depict human culture form other beings' eyes. The story will be set in the future when humans are no longer being the masters of the earth. it is a story of an AI robot travelling the world to complete the mission and learning about human culture and histories during the journey. The game will be about what happens in the trip and what robot has learnt from the environment and NPC's that he has met during the journey.

During the few thousands of years after the modern era, human's society has gone through plagues and wars. to kill the viruses from the origin, living creatures are eliminated and replaced by artificial protein and AI mechanical animals. Only a few spices survived in old-growth forests.