Michelle Jialin Ee


Bachelor of Design Product Design Health and wellbeing

Glucopro is a product that is designed to help diabetics who need glucose immediately.  When a diabetic goes through an insulin shock, they are required to have glucose as symptoms of hypoglycemia can be life threatening. Not only does this product improve the process of access to glucose for diabetics or family and friends of diabetics, but it can potentially save a life.

Glucopro is a portable product that is recommended for people with diabetes, to carry with them at all times. This product comes with an instructions sheet, lanyard, mouthpiece, syringe, and container. The user fills the syringe with 15g of honey and adds it to the container. The user then adds the mouthpiece to the container and closes the lid. On the back of the product, the user can add their name and medical information. The user simply attaches the lanyard to the device and carries it with them at all times, to be used in case of emergency.

This fast-acting product improves the process for diabetics as well as for their family and friends, by saving time to go and find sugar when needed. If a diabetic experiences hypoglycemia and is not treated immediately, symptoms can escalate, from mild to severe, quite quickly.

This product can be refilled with honey when needed. Honey is generally accessible and is just as sweet as sugar and does the same job of stabilizing a diabetic's sugar levels. The material of the mouthpiece is natural rubber. Not only is this material sustainable, but also makes the mouthpiece easy to clean. The container is made from polyethene and is BPA free.

Glucopro is the size of a card holder that can be stored in your pocket or worn as a lanyard and is easily accessible. The person with diabetes is able to use the product on him/her self if symptoms of hypoglycemia are mild. However, if symptoms are severe, bystanders are able to use Glucopro on the diabetic. This product should be kept with the diabetic at all times, so access to glucose is guarantee.