Giselle Scott


Bachelor of Design Interaction Mobile App Social Design Prototype User-centred Education

The new companion for the future of travel

The future of travel around the globe is uncertain, and will likely never be the same. With the impacts of COVID-19, natural disasters, political impacts and more, travellers are needing to approach travel with a willingness to adapt and be empathetic to the changing environment. Guider supports travellers in adapting to this new way to travel by guiding them to make educated and informed decisions that suit them, and aiming to keep them safe and out of harm's way without limiting their sense of adventure.

The year 2020 has been a year of disruption and uncertainty, and with that, comes the need for people to begin to adapt and be empathetic. These changing times inspired me to explore how these new changes to the way we live could affect the way we travel and make safe decisions whilst abroad. The digital solution that answers this problem is Guider, which speaks to how we might help future travellers adapt to the rules and etiquettes of other countries regarding COVID-19 and make educated decisions around where they should travel to.

With the new impacts on travel restrictions and the way each country is addressing COVID-19 with different limitations, travellers need to be cautious and aware of how to adapt their habits to stay safe and healthy. Guider not only supports those wishing to travel abroad during these uncertain times, but also aims to keep them safe from a variety of potential impacts such as health, customs, laws and dangers that might present themselves whilst travelling locally and abroad.

Guider offers users the ability to discover new locations that are considered safe based on the type of traveller they are, receive health and safety updates pertinent to where they are planning on going, and have the app auto generate itineraries and offer suggestions based on bookings the user makes. Guider focuses on giving the user the ability to make informed and educated decisions, and then once that decision has been made, it then shifts to keeping the traveller updated and safe during their travels.

Guider is the new travel companion for the future of travel.