Desmond Ahkan

Homage to Home

Bachelor of Design Craft Photography Identity Motion Community engagement

My idea is giving hope and inspiration to Pasifika and Maori creatives/designers from South Auckland through my design work. Using my personalized graffiti marks and grunge style will show others a glimpse of where I come from. I created a video and a picture book that depicts my neighbourhood. My video shows iconic areas that hold sentimental value to me. Majority of the footage captures where I went to school and the areas that meant something to me in my life.

Moving out into city was a personal choice for me to become more independent and to be less reliant on my parents. Being away from home made me think about the places I use to live and being grateful for where I started to where I am now. Days of being homesick, I knew that creating this project about “home” would give me a feeling that I would be closer to home emotionally rather than physically. It made me think about those kids with potential that lack resources and role models. I wanted to be a role model for those kids, so they could look at me and feel confident and comfortable that they could be doing the same thing as me at a university level. Being able to be different and labelled as a "creative".

Images from my visual book that show my home of Otara, Dawson. A glimpse of the range that uses modelling photographs of my brother with writing. You may also find some poems in the book.


"Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom son"- Mum


"Before you achieve, you must believe"- Dad