Santiago Hernandez


Bachelor of Design Motion Capture Compositing Character Animation Stylised

Huevo is a short live action comedy film which aims to explore the process of integrating digital characters onto filmed footage.

The film tells the story of a thieving macaw who wants to steal Kiwiland's most precious object, the golden egg, but his plan is interrupted by Manu Toa, the protector of the golden egg. Manu Toa tries to warn Macaw not to touch the egg because it only brings misery. Macaw is very introverted, so he does not listen to Manu Toa and continues with his plan. This causes an epic battle between these characters, leaving us with an unexpected ending.

The result of this project was more than a success as my intention was to make people laugh through my characters. This was achieved by dialogue and animation along with different methods of compositing such as 3D tracking, clean plates, matte painting and colour correction.

War For The Planet of The Apes (2017) by Matt Reeves, Transformers (2007) by Michael Bay) and King Kong 2005 by Peter Jackson were the main references that led me to carry out this project because I wanted to know how visual effects artists execute these type of work and what can be found during the production process. Because of this, I had to watch a lot of behind-the-scenes of these films in order to apply the same methods to my project.