Punika Pimolsri

Infinite Gusto Community Centre

Bachelor of Design Interior Design Public Space Exhibition and event design Play Food Community

As an international student studying in Auckland, I find it difficult to eat out and socialise as the food cost is high. I find myself encountering “economic difficulties while trying to enjoy the city life experience”. It is an urban problem in Auckland that currently limits the way people entertain themselves.The proposed project Infinite Gusto community centre is an accessible multicultural kitchen and social space that allows people in society to spend time together and save the cost of buying a meal in town.

Culture is influenced by food in numerous ways through family, religion, and tradition that makes us different from others. It can create a completely new society, impact religion, how we eat and behave. The proposed design aims to create a space that entertains and welcomes many individuals from different nationalities to share their culture through music and food.

The DIY Kitchen and Karaoke platform allows people to choose their “taste” through music and food. The ambient light used in the design scheme will lead people through the various programmes of space, from cooking, eating and sharing a meal to singing and dancing, Karaoke style. The spatial design leaves space for encounters, spontaneous activities, and unplanned undertakings

The circle is a design gesture used to create the lights and tables. It represents eternity, where there is no beginning or end. This circle has a long association with the sun and earth while ellipse similar to the whole universe. It has no angles so. The door handle at the entrance of the space is a heart shape which symbolises imperial lane as the heart of the city and within the community centre people would feel warm, welcoming and loved. These design elements seek to make the occupant feel comfortable.