Luis Balazo


Bachelor of Design Interior Design Public Space Furniture Film Surface

Fort Lane Project

Fort Lane is a bar and nightclub district at night. Insobriety is a design project that focuses on replicating the seedy nightlife of Fort Lane. The project spatially immerses the visitor into the experience of intoxication. The word intoxication derives from an old Latin word intoxicare which is “to poison”. Employing cinematic techniques to create an urban narrative through the strategic use of light, the design scheme seeks to poison people’s visual perception and experience.

My design draws on the atmospheric conditions of Fort Lane and proposes a unique urban narrative that visually takes you through the predominant stages of insobriety. The box multi purpose structure that I have designed adds on to the narrative as visitors will wander through this urban industrial threshold with intent. The different stages in this structure unfold over the distinct floors that I have designed which evokes an affective sensation in the visitor. These provocations are inscribed on the interior walls of my design which includes atmosphere effects created by lighting. The design conveys the cinematic by way of the structure of the floors that symbolizes the protagonist’s journey through intoxication.

The first stage of insobriety, located on the ground floor of the box structure conveys the start of the journey to intoxication. The rose pink ambience and the bright red lines on the walls reflect the protagonists desire to get inebriated. Programmed on this floor is a bar inspired by the Imperial Lane coffee area. It can be used as a public walkway and at the same time a bar. Both being able to be utilized during the day and night.

The second stage of insobriety conveys the idea of poison running through the protagonists' veins. Located on the second floor of the box structure. The green LED lines that go across the interior walls can be depicted as the poison going through blood cells of the protagonists. The multi functional building can establish itself as either a small club or a stand-up comedy space etc.

Lastly the rooftop is a space to hangout in which visitors can immerse themselves with the surrounding city ambience. The rooftop symbolizes the feeling of free flowing. In relation to the narrative, the open rooftop exposes the protagonist to the sensation of fresh air, after a time of vigorous partying, that is then expressed through a tranquil atmospheric feeling in an open space.