Jenny Gutang


Bachelor of Design Womenswear Streetwear Reflections of Self The Past Reimagined

KULTURE (Kultura + Couture)

Kulture (kultura+couture)". 'Kultura' is a Filipino term for culture. Culture is the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time. My concept is based on ideas of identity and nostalgia.  As a Filipina in New Zealand, my culture has played an important role in my design influences and given me a sense of comfort in reconnecting with my roots, and childhood experiences.

This collection is inspired by Philippine traditional clothing, specifically  the silhouettes of the Camisa. The Camisa is an upper garment of Filipiniana with sleeves shaped like an angel's wings or bells. The colour white best represents the characteristics of a traditional Filipina maiden who is demure, lady-like, reserved with poise.

In this body of work, I aim to promote diversity by embracing where I come from, my tradition and culture, and expressing it within a contemporary fashion context. I hope to inspire others to express themselves, to be proud of their identity so that they can never lose the connection to the place and culture they grew up in.

Fashion is constantly changing; throughout history clothes have been used as a way to express ourselves. The clothes we wear show our personalities, often communicating people who we are - our identity.

Allowing people to express their identity, the 21st Century presents the consumer with a variety of styles to choose from. In contrast to this, every culture has its own unique identity. Traditional clothing worn in the past often signified a person’s culture or origins. Expressing identity through the cultural aspects of clothing can be used as a means of appreciating our own culture and reconnecting to our roots. The link between cultural identity and personal experiences can give the wearer a sense of pride and empowerment. These feelings change the experience of fashion and allow the wearer to develop a deeper relationship with their clothes beyond that of a garment, a connection to self, to identity.