Yishen Yang

Line forest

Bachelor of Design Public Space Exhibition and event design

Points, lines, and surfaces are concepts in geometry and the basic elements of plane space. The connection of dots constitutes a line, and a large number of densely used lines form a surface. Line forest redesigns the Fort Lane region with lines, lights, and shadow to activate a visual experience for visitors both during the day and night. The design provides a lighting scheme,that offers visitors the visual experience of a theatre while walking through Fort Lane.

The design seeks to create a vibrant public space in Fort St. It occupies the street of Fort Lane and acts as an encounter for pedestrians. My design use lines to form a surface. These surfaces can be used as projection screens on which pictures or animations can projected onto. The effect results in an immersive experience for the viewer. Light and shadow present an interplay of feelings and emotions. The design uses both natural light and artificial lights is an expression of social and cultural aspects. Not only this but the role of light and shadow, which are of course complementary to each other, has also been realized in manipulating the way people perceive spaces around them. Light and shadow are immense in design particularly in architectural environments wherein the user experience and perception are largely influenced by their integration with light and shadow.