Camille Cruz

Lingering Piece

Bachelor of Design 3D animation 2D animation Anime Illustration Non-narrative Diversity

Lingering Piece

‘Lingering Piece’ is a short film based on 2d and 3d animation.

My project is based on 2d and 3d animation titled ‘Lingering Piece’. The story is about a girl named Mina who struggles to fit her creativity and herself into a world from which her society is against and stands by intelligence. She has an imaginary friend ‘Nulu’ who tries to help with her struggles as she experiences harsh treatment. Using my research question, "Without relying on dialogue, how can I instill a sense of nostalgia for a lost sense of self through a combination of 2D and 3D animation?"

‘Lingering Piece’ is a non dialogue short animation and explores through music and colour to convey a sense of emotion. I chose the idea of using non dialogue and the use of colours and stylized animation to be able to create a cinematic approach. With my work being a student project, I am still in the process of learning my skill set, as this is the first experience of animating a short film. I approached the music and colour aspect of ‘Lingering Piece’ with the intention of creating a workpiece that creates the feeling of nostalgia. I am using practice-based research as my methodology for this project, which involves contextualisation, pre-conceptualisation and tests. The creative and written works: Out of sight (敲敲) (National Taiwan University of Arts), Moana (Clements, R. & Musker, J), Passionate views: Film, Cognition and Emotion (Carl Plantinga and Greg M. Smith) and Film structure and Put on that colour, if fits your emotion: Colour appropriateness as a function of expressed emotion (Nele Dael and Marie-Noelle Persehuers) have influenced my practice.