Texas Shepherd

Max and The Universe

Bachelor of Design 3D animation Compositing Character Animation Audio Video Moving Image Narrative Abstract Technology Science Fiction Experimental


Max and The Universe is a three minute 3D CGI Short film that explores the contrast of character development through comedy and materiality. The genre-flipping film features existential questions Max faces, but chooses to ignore.

“The most epic Sci-Fi, Totally not a comedy, ever.”

Project description. 

Max and the Universe is set in the deepest part of space, the emptiest segment of our dimension. A random robot arm flies through the emptiness of the void, towards what seems to be a dormant robot. The arm is thrown accidentally against his power button, bringing Max to life. His attention remains with this continuity-defying arm. A fourth dimensional being arrives claiming to be “The Universe” but every attempt at making Max pay attention fails. Questions fall flat, conversations interrupted and arguments are started. The Universe attempts to explain the nature of existence, but Max has the attention-span of a goldfish.

The film vacillates between a super-serious and cinematic sci-fi genre, to a comedy,

constantly flicking between a serious and inspirational tone to an elongated argument waiting to happen. The genre-flipping film grabs the attention of anyone watching and drives them into a minimalistic and bizarre world of two completely contrasting personalities. I wanted anyone watching this to really have a bit of a laugh and not take it too seriously, but at the same time get completely immersed with the story and characters.

My original plan for the film was to be an ambitious seven minute short that would end on an unhappy note. It would explore the meaning of Max’s insignificant existence and show a little more character struggle and development. As this was all I could create amongst the chaos of Covid, (and some technical issues) that slowed the production right down, the next stage will be to complete the film using the remaining sound designed dialogue; voiced by the incredible Bryan Tilly and Max Haddon. And continue the story of ‘Max and The Universe’...