Alexia Shepherd

Mishandled Luggage

Bachelor of Design Web Interaction Mobile App Prototype User-centred

Luggage Tracking Made Easy

The mishandling of luggage is something no one wants to experience when travelling, however it is still a possibility. Now it is easier than ever to track and view your luggage or even report if it has been mishandled. Using new 3D scanning technology and tracking features, to ensure your luggage is safe and on it's way to your destination!

Even though mishandled luggage doesn’t seem like a big problem, it is in terms of the costs in money, time, customers, and reputation. As in 2018, approximately 25 million pieces of luggage were mishandled during air travel. Mishandled luggage includes, but not limited to: handling damages, incorrect flight, loading error, stolen luggage, etc. Which ended up costing around $5 billion dollars NZD

Currently, there is not an easy and accessible way to track luggage and report the mishandling of luggage. Which in turn, creates a huge stressful and anxiety riveting mess, that could have been avoided or better communicated. In order to reduce the stress not only for the airline company & airport, but for the passenger as well, as they are the ones paying for the service.

My goal is to help reduce the stress and anxiety of damaged or lost luggage (from airline mishandling), by creating an easy and accessible platform, where the user can track, view their luggage and report mishandled luggage.

Kiwi air in app luggage tracker will help with the most common cause of mishandled luggage: external damage mishandling and airline mishandling. By creating an in app feature to an airline’s application, so then the passenger doesn’t have to go through the fuss of downloading another app or have to worry about how to locate and report their luggage.

The luggage tracker includes live updates of the whereabouts of the passenger’s luggage, a 3D viewer to check back as a reference and report damages, as well as being able to report luggage as being mishandled (lost) or damaged. Not only does the feature create a sense of security but clarity for the passenger as there is little to no information displayed about their luggage on current airline apps.

This will mean less confusion, stress, and anxiety for both the airline and passenger. As now there is a way to communicate in an easy and accessible way without the hassle and stress.