Jay Choi

Night Light

Bachelor of Design Interior Design Public Space Public Performance
Jay Choi (2020). Second floor perspective view.
AD20 Award
Artichoke Award
For outstanding Interior Design

Fort Lane, Garbage house, Trade shop, Public stage, Film strip, Music, Scene, Memories, Passage, Sunset, Sunrise, Interior. The Garbage house, compressed between two building in Fort Lane, has disturbed the flavors of its cinematic mood, lights and scene. The purpose of this project is to enlighten the garbage space through cinematic concept and process such as frame, projection, sequence, movement and transition, blooming the new form of urban itinerary.In my project, I have renovated the unwanted abandoned space into a ‘trade shop’ that will be one of the iconic places in Fort Lane. This trade shop has collaborated with the Auckland Council and decided to create an open ‘public stage' on the second floor of the building. Therefore, the flow of music, movement of lighting and the interior scenes can complete the theatrical image of the Fort Lane.

“Like the stars in the blurred sky, like the warmth of a hidden dawn.

I will stay in this beautiful place, for the night-light to glimmer your rest.”

[Written by Jay Choi]

I created this poem to illustrate the purpose of this trade shop.

First floor. This space is not to trash, but to trade. It is for people who take special care of their items and is ready to trade or sell to those who really want them.

Second floor. The public stage is open for people who love music, it is specifically intended for those who are alone in the city and desiring to be in a place to spend their own time. This place does not require people to open their wallets, they can enjoy the music and the relaxing atmosphere for free.

Third floor. This floor may be the top floor but is not the final destination of this building. People who enter are unconsciously pulled in and the interior with no doors (except for bathrooms) lead people to walk through each sectional scene.

Last but importantly, the ‘Night Light’ is open 24/7 for people to find when they are lost.