Yitong Lou

Not Me

Bachelor of Design 3D animation 2D animation Character Animation Audio Video Stylised Abstract Mental Health Experimental

A visual exploration of emptiness

My project is a short animation exploring empathy induction using abstract visuals and expressionist storytelling. Conveying a personal feeling of emptiness from the neverending restlessness of daily life.


Project description:

Not Me is an experimental abstract animation following an expressionist non-traditional narrative. My project focuses on the sense of emptiness from endless and meaningless work. I used the changing aesthetics between 2D and 3D animation to represent the visible yet meaningless changing circumstances within this endless cycle. By following the research questions “how can I induce high levels of empathy through abstraction and expressionism animation?” and “how do I develop a sense of emptiness through abstraction and expressionism?”, I hoped to relate to viewers with similar experiences. Through this experimental project, I wished to explore a different approach to empathy induction and develop a personal style of animation.