Paige Wright


Bachelor of Design Publication Narrative Commerce World views


Oniomania is a publication intended to draw attention to the consumption habits of our consumeristic society. The core messaging is centred around the addictive behaviour of materialistic consumption and the insecurities propelled by the current consumer market.

Consisting of short-form snippets, readers are offered critical insights into various entry points of the consumer conversation. With content that is formed from historical recounts, research studies and speculative discussion, oniomania is a reminder to be conscious of what is happening around us and aware of its influence on us mentally and physically.

My voice in this publication is all about questioning. I wish for people to comprehend the relationship society has forged with consumerism from a new perspective. It was eye-opening to see the masses of studies that found correlational evidence between materialistic consumption and a warped set of values for youth in both; negatively affecting their sense of ‘needs’ and on their reception of self-worth.

Contextually this project is a combination of my own speculative opinion and educated conclusions. Personal engagements and interactions heavily influenced my research and exploration, from experience working in retail to being the target market for much of the material pushed through social media marketing. While the content of this publication speaks to ‘consumers.’ The nature of this publication would be suited to individuals with an interested in human behaviour and the realities of consumerism.

This project is complete but transcendent, Its message of overconsumption and unhealthy consumeristic habits has a purposeful message that is often clouded by ignorance and limited awareness. It’s hard to see the harm in something deemed necessary to our way of life, and people seem reluctant to question and seek understanding — a wilful ignorance.