Georgia Walker

Outside In

Bachelor of Design Public Space Exhibition and event design Experience Design Play Material Imaginaries Public Digital fabrication Surface Community

Urbanised Nature - Connecting Together

Outside In has a conceptual flow that leads each person who encounters it to create their own journey. The design has been created in such a way that it allows people to feel a sense of wonder through Fort Lane. It aims to create a strong connection with the surrounding buildings and indirectly recalling the beautiful landscapes, waterways, and trees of New Zealand.

In the heart of Auckland you can lose sight of what makes New Zealand one of the most beautiful places in the world: nature. My installation would bring a breath of fresh air into Fort Lane. The design is meant to mould the surrounding urban environment and disguise itself, becoming a part of the metropolis: both city and nature at once.

This intervention re-creates nature in a urban way. The rises and falls of the stairs and paths evoke the volatile New Zealand landscape. The layered walkway will allow people to immerse themselves fully in the thought that the city and forest are one. The route culminates in a waterfall to prompt pause, bringing cool air and sound to the Fort Lane.

There are three staircases, each made from Corten steel that naturally weathers in the elements, creating a story of change through time as nature does. Two of the staircases lead upward to a re-imagining of a forest walkway: a tunnel structure of recycled Corflute sheeting, which was chosen for the affect it has on light refraction due its hollowed inner. The tunnel walkway grows larger and then wraps around you more tightly again as you exit. The inner floor and sides of the structure are clad with kwila to create a more natural tone through the industrial exterior, as well recalling the trees. The waterfall at the far end of the project project falls from the top point into a water catchment that recycles the water and provides a feeling of peace.

This impression of nature invites people to appreciate the living nature just beyond the city. It is more than meets the eye and if people really want to immerse themselves in it, they are able to create an incredible outing. While the installation may give an effect on each person differently, and they might not understand the concept, it may provide them with a small adventure to carry them through the rest of their day. Here is hoping it may even entice them back.