Tilly Schwarz

Painting a New Female Form

Bachelor of Design Illustration Publication Print Photography Identity Social Design Narrative Storytelling World views


This publication is created for all the women who have struggled to accept that every human has been crafted differently to be unique and beautiful. The picture that the media paints of women does not define feminine beauty. With all the toxicity we are exposed to on social media, this publication has been created to show how every female body is beautiful. I aim to highlight the forever changing beauty standards that we have witnessed over time and capture the beauty of diversity amongst the female form.

This publication centers around ideals surrounding feminine beauty and the standards that have been held towards women to obtain these unrealistic ideals of what is considered beautiful. I wanted to create a publication for social good and bring more recognition to body awareness towards women. My project involves a lot of art featuring the female nude; therefore, I aim to focus around the beauty of it whilst still trying to make my artwork tasteful.

Historically the idea of what is considered beautiful amongst females has been an ever-changing concept, and there has always been a constant pressure amongst women to obtain a level of standards in order to be accepted as beautiful. Social media

has been a significant catalyst towards the increasing standards of feminine beauty. With the ability people have in today’s society to manipulate images in the media to appear a certain way, it has led to many women being unsatisfied with how they view their own appearance.

This publication aims to explore the historical changes we have seen towards the ever-changing standards of beauty, expose how easily images of women are manipulated in order to appear a certain way, and discover the views of a diverse group of people towards how they see feminine beauty. This will highlight the fact that everyone has their own idea on how they view feminine beauty. This publication is aimed towards any woman above the age of eighteen to help them understand the way that beauty is portrayed within the media is an unrealistic representation of real-life women.