Patrica Cruz

Chasing the Wind

Bachelor of Design 3D animation 2D animation Character Animation Illustration Narrative Environment

Chasing the Wind, 2020


My project is an animation based on a 2D and 3D style titled, Chasing the wind. It is about a girl named Frida, who is isolated in the hospital and is desperate to run and be free. Two worlds are connected through Frida and her Canvas and explores the other world out of curiosity.

Project Description

Chasing the wind explores the theme of isolation and freedom and how it can display an effect on emotions.

The methodology that I have used is known as practice based research. The practice based research involves methodologies such as contextualisation and pre-conceptualisation. Through my conextualisation I have researched on Cynthis Freeland's analysis on 'Evening, St Kilda Road and Greg M. Smith ‘Passionate Views: Film, Cognition, and Emotion Carl Planting’, It will be answering the research question “Using colours and Lighting, how can I create a non dialogue animation for the audience to experience immersion within the film?. Freeland analyzes how Beckette’s choice of warm colour creates a mood for the environment she had captured through her painting. What I find unique through making this project is that I have made a mood colour palette for the scenes and environment. It made it more interesting for me as I have gained a little knowledge on how colour can affect the mood of the scene. Smith’s review involved three chapters “Kinds of film, kinds of emotion”, “Film technique, film, narrative and emotion” and  “Desire, Identification and empathy” which I have used to help with understanding how my character’s emotion will react to her surroundings and situations.BThrough the pre-conceptualisation of the project, mood boards, narrative, concept design and story boarding are put into a process before starting the animation.

A problem that I had expected to happen is the time in making a clean animation. Since my animation is mostly hand drawn, I had to be able to keep up to date with time and schedule so that I don’t rush most of my animation. It was also important to create new scenes in between different frames to have the movements flow smoothly when played. I have created these 2D scenes in Clip Studio Paint EX. The scenes within my animation also involve 3D as a part of the environment. I have to create these scenes in Maya and render in a higher quality to place my 2d character in. Modelling detailed 3d objects would consume my time in being able to hand draw my scenes, so I decided to buy premade models from other artists on turbo squid.

After I have finished this animation, I look forward to making my animation better in the future. My strong point in drawing is being able to illustrate images and I would like these skills to imply my 2d animation skills as well as getting better on 3D programs.