Piazza Rielly


Bachelor of Design Interior Design Public Space Experience Design Play Public Surface

Perplexity is a design intervention which creates a space solely for the interaction of the younger demographic. This space allows them to experience a similar sense of the nightclub life. Becoming exposed to the different effects of substance abuse, through mirroring aspects which interfere with the human body, both mentally and physically.

Fort Lane once offered an experience that was both frightening and dangerous, a space filled with unpredictability. Perplexity is manipulating these concepts, enhancing them through the use of erratic and disorient manner. Focusing on both the literal and emotional aspects of these ideas.

Perplexity offers a space for the younger demographic to connect with others and themselves, an area where they can chill out and have fun. One may feel apprehensive when entering this space, with the unknown taking control. Perplexity creates an experience filled with confusion and suspense, forming curiosity from all within. While still providing a secure and maintained environment.

The main brief given for this project was to activate Fort Lane or its surrounding environment to become a more public space. While developing the project, it was also required to design through a cinematic lens.

When initially moving through the site I noticed that Fort Lane currently offered a daytime experience that anyone could enjoy, filled with a range of restaurants and cafes to bring people in. However, the nightlife experience was quite different, solely designed for the older demographic with only bars and clubs on offer. My project explored a way to design a space specifically for the younger demographic, aged 13 through 19 years. A space that would give them the ability to interact more with friends and others, while providing them with a new experience. My project created the formation of an ‘underaged nightclub’ titled Perplexity. Perplexity takes place in the late afternoon till midnight, enabling all ages of the teenage demographic to engage with the space.

My chosen specific site was the corner building on Fort Lane and Fort Street (4 Fort Street). Currently occupied by takeout’s, restaurants, bars and backpackers. I decided to have my intervention take place on the rooftop of this building, using the service lane area on Fort Lane to act as the entrance threshold. By using this untouched existing area, I believed it would add to the surrounding environment, by helping develop a more diverse public and social space for Fort Lane.

The space was designed in a way that reflects the ideas of distress and disorientation, using these concepts to interfere with the mind and body. Providing the younger demographic with a way to experience what they grow to desire, whilst ensuring the same security and safety protocols already seen in established adult nightclubs have been applied.

By creating this space solely for the younger demographic on Fort Lane, I believed it would help build a stronger and more diverse public/social atmosphere, as it builds Fort Lane to be a more inclusive space. Every age group deserves a space, one with a purpose for their specific wants and needs. By designing an ‘underaged nightclub’ I have offered a safe and secure space for the younger demographic to engage with. Allowing them the nightlife experience they seek, giving a sense of what they desire.

Perplexity challenges those who enter in both a mental and physical manner, while being maintained and confined from the existing surrounding environment. It creates suspense and tension, causing those within to feel the unknown taking control.