Briar Lloyd

Preserve: Natural water resistance & durability

Bachelor of Design Print Design Surface Design Digital Print Textile Technologies Sustainability Technology Surface Manipulation

Preserve channels personal inspiration from ‘home’ and the environment in New Zealand and ‘away’ overseas from my time living in Asia as a child and more recently in Denmark. This textile collection is designed for a series of womenswear jackets. The textiles explore the preservation of memories through bold, expressive digital prints, and New Zealand beeswax coatings on a cotton drill for water resistance and long-lasting textile durability. This collection incorporates the Danish design philosophy of combining both aesthetics and functionality, challenging the idea of aesthetics being simply ornate, and functional items being simplistic in appearance.

The simple cut of the jackets made for various settings offer wearers natural tactility and water resistance ideal for trans-seasonal climates, with the bold stand-out prints telling a unique international story to treasure and last a lifetime.

This collection explores how the Danish design philosophy of combining functionality and aesthetics can be applied to create textiles that preserve and reinterpret a memory or experience. I aimed to create a collection of functional water resistance jackets made from natural materials, creating a sustainable alternative to common synthetic and fossil fuels based rainwear.

The series of jackets are made in cuts and shapes influenced by my upbringing in Asia, and clothing I have collected over time from the region. The textiles incorporate ongoing experimentations in materials innovation through natural materials and fibres, and the influence of bees and beeswax coating developed from my experience living on a farm in New Zealand. The digital prints from freehand digital illustrations display vibrant colour and bold reinterpreted shapes drawn from memorable photographs of my unique experiences with Danish architecture and art.

Key Materials

  • Cotton Drill
  • Organic New Zealand Yellow Beeswax
  • Tencel lining
  • Cotton Thread
  • Corozo Buttons (from seeds of the Corozo palm)

Production Techniques

  • iPad illustrations
  • ProMarker hand illustrations
  • Digital print design and fabric printing
  • Beeswax coating (by hand)


  • Hang and store in a dry, well-ventilated area.
  • Brush off dirt or sponge down with cold water to clean.
  • Refresh with Preserve anti-odour spray and have re-waxed when needed. Do not wash with detergent or hot water.
  • Do not place in washing machines, tumble-dry, dry-clean, or iron.
  • Do not hang on radiators or expose to naked flames or high levels of heat.

About Briar

Briar Lloyd is a surface designer, materials innovator, and supply chain practitioner. She is passionate about creating designs that fuse function and aesthetics, particularly through surface design, and creating materials innovation solutions, textiles, and effective supply chains and logistics that support a circular economy. Her practice is informed by previous work focused on the role of business in society, in particular with shared value, sustainability, and corporate and government affairs in Australia and New Zealand.

Raised in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and New Zealand, Briar enjoys learning about different cultures, working with people from different backgrounds, and building an understanding of the design nuances of various regions. In her upbringing, she was exposed to living in large scale urban centres, as well as rural areas growing up on a farm in New Zealand. This appreciation for both cities and nature has been a significant influence throughout her life and her work. Her surface design work is developed through mixed-media, often fusing together analogue hand techniques with digital technology to create a sense of approachable vibrancy.

In 2019 Briar was a finalist for the Dorothy Waxman Prize for her Bio-Sequins design.