Israa Barghash

Recalling A Memory

Bachelor of Design Interior Design Public Space Exhibition and event design Public Film Surface Performance Community

My sound performance installation takes place in Fort Lane. This laneway, previously an inter tidal mudflat was transformed through a series of massive land reclamation in the urbanisation of early colonial Auckland. Recalls this lost landscape as the flat land progressively moved out into the harbor. A series of elevated platforms inserted into and between the heritage buildings along the laneway are held apart from each other. The distance between the platforms create a disjointed musical ensemble which is pieced together through the movement of the audience below.

I believe that our cities are full of disturbed sites that are waiting to be illuminated, activated and celebrated. Fort Lane is refigured as a cinematic scene, comprised of the visual track of the city, and environmental and performance soundscape. Each time an audience member walks along the laneway they will encounter a different scene through the layering of sound, light and projection. My intention is that the installation will affect each pedestrian differently but ultimately they will feel part of activation, and carry this unique memory of the site performed. I am designing this installation to create a scene which recalls the past soundscapes and urban disturbances. When the night shifts to morning, and the background sounds of the city fade, the sound of water, birds and wind will be amplified to create the threshold moment between waking and sleeping, forgotten past and unforeseen urban future. A spotlight on Fort Lane where the public’s sense will be amplified in the site, among the five senses, vision and audition that are my focus. I want to bring an experience of time and movement, where the people who occupy the space will be characters and the site as a whole will have different scenes that are captured in moments of their performance. My interest in their movement and how will they activate the site by diverse narratives as each person will have a unique approach to it