Cairo Tynel Wetini-Ngaropo

Roimata - Wearable Essential Oil Diffuser

Bachelor of Design Product Design Health and wellbeing

Wearable Essential Oil Diffuser

Roimata is a wearable essential oil diffuser that can be worn as a necklace pendant. It vaporizes essential oils in water without heat, using ultrasonic vibrations instead to create a mist. The purpose of this device is targeted towards people who are sensitive to wearing fragrance on their skin. The ingredients of store-bought perfumes are not shown on the packaging. Ingredient lists are often considered a trade secret, which means people will never know what they are putting on their bodies. So, using essential oils with this device instead of store-bought fragrances will benefit your health.


There are people all over the world that are sensitive to certain chemicals and products, often found in food, medicine, or cosmetics. Perfumes and most store-bought fragrances have many ingredients, yet they are unregulated, unlike food products, and their ingredients are often not labelled. The lack of information for users has proven dangerous for some customers, having a bad reaction using a fragrance. They may never have been able to identify the ingredient that caused this reaction. My proposed solution is to produce a concept where someone was able to wear a scent, by using essential oils without having to apply it directly to their body.

My final concept named “Roimata” is based on an existing product known as an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser. Roimata takes this concept and allows it to be worn around the neck in the form of a pendant. The design’s form language was inspired by traditional Maori jewellery known as “Pounamu.” Specifically, the shape of a teardrop/tear (Roimata). It symbolizes and encourages knowledge, confidence, and independence, giving positive energy. They are often known as ‘comfort stone’.

My product works by filling the tank with the provided dropper. The necklace can be filled with water and a few drops of essential oil. The button on the device acts as a simple on and off switch. When the device is powered on, an ultrasonic vibrating motor sends vibrations through a ceramic plate that is in contact with the water and oil, diffusing it into the mist, carrying particles of the essential oils. This method of diffusion does not pass heat into the water, which helps to maintain the properties and quality of the essential oils. The mist passes through three holes while the wearer moves around during the day.