Yoshin Jung


Bachelor of Design Womenswear


This collection emerged from research into 1920's lingerie. Closely connected to the body, lingerie blurs the lines between inner and outer wear signifying the confidence of the wearer and allowing freedom to express oneself. Considering underwear’s proximity to the body, I placed emphasis on the form of the body and how this is presented in the world within contemporary fashion. In this body of work, inner wear was used as outwear to represent the management of the self in relation to ones own identity.

Manipulating fabrics on the form of the body, known as draping, replaced traditional pattern making techniques. This approach allowed me to place emphasise on the female form. Influenced by sculpture, the dresses from the waist down accommodate the movement of the lightweight fabric when walking. The cream colour lends a softness to the clothes, allowing the eye to focus on this movement. Design lines inspired by historical swimsuits, exaggerate the shape of the body, which are further emphasised by the cut-out curves and circles hemmed in contrast black.

Beyond the influence of the online celebrity, the designed clothes provide the opportunity for young women to question the purpose of the trend driven clothes they wear, and encourage them to find ways to form their identity as I have, through the exploration of ideas of self in clothing.