Seonghwan Hoangbo


Bachelor of Design 3D animation 2D animation Character Animation Virtual Camera Audio Video Mixed Media Stylised Narrative

My project, from the animation pathway, is a 2D/3D hybrid animated short film, ‘Confrontation’, which explores internalised human emotions, intimidation in particular, in the form of an expressionistic art style and anthropomorphism. I wanted to emphasise the emotions – specifically anxiety, intimidation, fright – of the protagonist by implementing an expressionistic visual style.

‘Confrontation’ is an animated short that examines a personal approach in expressing one’s emotions, intimidation in particular, to explore and answer my research question “how can I use anthropomorphism to expressionistically convey a sense of internalised intimidation in a hybrid 2D/3D animation?”.

I wanted to emphasise the emotions – specifically anxiety, intimidation, fright – the protagonist by implementing an expressionistic visual style.  I also believed that this stylised approach to the animation fits well with the overall narrative, particularly in depicting the animals in the animation – the rough, irregular strokes of lines suit well with the overall visual impression intended, allowing these characters to appear more aggressive and terrifying. The challenges in producing my animation would be in writing a narrative that allows the audience to experience immersion – sink in deeply into the animation, composing and arranging camera shots in a cinematographic manner to enhance that experience for the audience as well as communicating the protagonist’s thought process and emotions, inviting the audience to empathise with the protagonist. The inclusion of appropriate auditory elements will also be crucial in adding to creating and setting the tone and the atmosphere of the animation.

My capstone project could ultimately be seen as a personal memoir on the topic of past experiences throughout my life – suffering fear, anxiety and intimidation but not able to externally express them, only keeping them internally to myself. Overall, after completing the production of the animation, I am feeling satisfied, but there are a few aspects that I could have done a better job of. During the course of production, I enjoyed utilising the features and advantages of animating mainly in 2D – especially in the stylisation and the simplification of the visuals and movements, not being restrained by the level of realism as much as 3D. However, on the other hand, I can imagine how doing the project in 3D could also introduce a different feel by utilising what 3D animating offers, such as blend shapes, more freedom in simulating the camera movement etc. Also, by having 3D animation as the main process, I could have developed my own techniques and skills and build more confidence as a 3D animator since I already have had a lot of experience in creating works in a 2D context. Nevertheless, I have also learned a lot about building a strong narrative that communicates with the audience while producing my capstone project.