Alice Wu


Bachelor of Design 3D animation Compositing Character Animation Video Moving Image Narrative Environment Sustainability Realism
AD20 Award
Staples/Loan Central Film Award
Live action short film

Slug just wants to fit in.

Slug is a personal exploration of how I can utilize visual effects within the context of a narrative short film to simultaneously express a story of acceptance with a secondary environmental theme and translate my experience of how I connect with nature.

Inspired by other critter-themed works such as miniseries Minuscule: The Secret Life of Insects and cinematic documentary Microcosmos, with Slug I aimed to evoke the same emotional response these works arise in me. My film offers an unfamiliar perspective of the natural world and aims to illustrate the beauty and liveliness often overlooked in these natural microcosms. I believe showcasing an environment’s vulnerability is where nature’s resilience truly emerges at its strongest.

I wanted to challenge myself technically with creating realistic models, textures, and shaders. My characters and assets were created using ZBrush, Substance Painter and Maya.